Women at Jesus 大学

1976年 大学章程 were changed to permit the admission of women, and the first female undergraduates arrived in October 1979.

这一变化始于1979年招收女大学生, Fellows in 1976 and postgraduates in 1977 was significant. 这是近500年来女性第一次被允许成为占据学院场地的社团的成员, 在1496年圣隐修会的修女们离开后. Radegund.

然而, 女性在过渡时期对学院做出的非凡贡献通常被忽视了. 作为2022足球世界杯混合教育40周年庆祝活动的一部分, Sisters, servants and students: 850 years of women at Jesus 大学 explored these contributions, illustrating the work and lives of these women through documentary, archaeological and material evidence. 还有修女们的生活以及那些为学院的学术生活做出贡献的女性的经历, these women have collectively shaped the 大学 we know today.

下面几页将更详细地探讨从尼姑庵起源的女性对学院的贡献, through to the benefactors, tenants and professional women who, 在某些情况下, literally built the 大学 around us, to the admission of women in the 1970s.



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